Saturday, September 26, 2009

Back down under 5!

It's hard to believe we are still hovering at and under 5%. Last Friday I got a rate quote from a local lender that conventional loans were at 4.87% Too bad we can't all qualify to refinance. I have a few investment properties I'd love to lock in at that lower rate... or even at a fixed rate for that matter if I was able to.

We still have a few great months in the real estate market with fair weather, good rates, and unbelievable prices. If there was ever a time to buy it is now. The resale market has picked up considerably and made up the slack that was felt by many of us in the industry with the strangulation of the new construction market. That is good news for the sellers out there with low to mid range properties looking for a good time to buy up.

And don't forget... the November 30th deadline for the $8000 Tax Credit is fast approaching.